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Markup Renders as table border1 tr td data /td td data /td /tr /table data data Attributes: table : Allowed but not recommended: border" and border"1" Allowed but obsolete: border (with a non-empty value different from "1 align, bgcolor, cellpadding, cellspacing, frame, rules, summary, width. Strong formats a span of text with strong importance or unusual emphasis; in most browsers it renders as boldface. This is a paragraph. Plainlist creates an unbulleted list. q is

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used to mark a short"tion. Russian sex casting, deep into the muff, beautiful girls. time defines either a time (24 hour clock or a date in the Gregorian calendar, optionally with a time and a time-zone offset. Markup Renders as data value" " html for Dummies /data html for Dummies Attributes: value del del.

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Markup Renders as Templates: pre wraps text that overflows the page. Uit de tijd, vreselijik saai. Attempting to use any element not whitelisted by will result in the markup showing as plain text. var formats text in italics to indicate a variable in a mathematical expression or programming context, or placeholder text that the reader is meant to mentally replace with some other literal value. Small is recommended over small since not all browsers render small text the same. Markup Renders as ruby /ruby Templates:. This section gives a brief overview of the html element, an example, relevant wikimarkup and templates. It may include tags not documented here.

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